Command Post Team

image002The Command Post Support Team is made up of members assigned to the VSAR ICS Logistics Section.  As with most small incidents, not all the ICS Sections and Units are used or staffed.  For a typical SAR incident, the following are generally staffed if the full VSAR unit is, or has the possibility of, being deployed.  To minimize the number of resources needed, some of the positions may be staffed by the a person also staffing another position at another time.

Support Branch:

  • Trailer-outside_aFacilities Unit:  These people transport and set-up the VSAR Command Post, and if used the KCSO Mobile Command Center.  When fully set-up and operational, several of the positions may be This includes the following items:
    • Moving Electronics from the VSAR Building to the VSAR Command Post
    • Transporting the Command Post.
    • Upon arrival setting up the command Post.
    • Positioning and starting the Command Post Generators as needed.
    • Positioning and activating the heating system.
    • Setting up tables and chairs as needed.
  • Supply Unit:  These people are responsible for obtaining the resources needed to conduct a search, both initially and for multiple operational periods.  This unit is initially formed at the SO Marine or VSAR building.  After the initial response, this unit may be moved to the KCSO Mobile Command Center.
  • Ground Support Unit: The function of this unit is to provide transport of the needed resources from the command post to the search area and back.  They may also be tasked to return to the city for additional supplies.  This is one unit that may be staffed by other unit members when not needed in their unit.

Services Branch:

  • Communications Unit: These members are assigned to the ICS Communications Unit of the Logistics Section and are trained in radio communications and communications scribing. Minimum of three people are needed.
    • A radio operator responsible for radio traffic to and from the Command Post.
    • A radio scribe responsible for documenting all radio traffic.
    • A radio technician responsible for distributing and signing out and in the portable radio cache as needed to its members.
  • Food Unit: Members of this unit acquire, cook and deliver needed meals, snacks, proper drinks and coffee to the Command Post and, if needed the family members.
  • Medical Unit: This unit is not normally staffed as all VSAR members are trained in First Aid and CPR each year.  If needed this unit will be staffed by a Fire Department EMS unit.